Badland Girls

This week, Rhea and Destiny get real jolly with talk of their favorite holiday movies, songs, and television specials! We also discuss dark and weird computer games, the new Superman movie trailer, and some Hobbit feelings. We treat you to a couple of songs from the Skull Sketches musical Rhea co-wrote, and Destiny reveals her love of Christmas Carol adaptations. Also: A Christmas Story vs. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

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There's no theme this week, as Rhea is hard at work co-writing and starring in a Christmas musical! She and Destiny spend some time chatting about the junk they've been absorbing lately, such as Mad Ron's Prevues from Hell, heavy metal sexism, and the cinematic "genius" of Neil Breen. There's also audio viewer mail and teen movie talk! Look out for the cold hand of Kurt Cobain's ghost in this one, kids!

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This week, the Badland ladies freak out over the new Star Trek teaser trailer, and talk ZOMBIES! Learn why science and zombies don't mix, why vampires ain't all that, and balk at their ambivalence over the upcoming Hobbit film! They also read a nice fan email and deal with the sound issues involved with recording an episode in an Asian fusion restaurant on a Friday night.

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After such a long hiatus, the internet herself begs the Badland Ladies to come back! They discuss all the movies watched while away, including Skyfall, Harold and Maude, and Lincoln.  Rhea and Destiny also come to blows (almost) over Beyond the Black Rainbow and Black Sabbath (the Mario Bava movie, not the band!) After catching up,it's time to go through every single movie directed by JOHN CARPENTER and give an opinion or two. Tell us how much you missed us: badlandgirls at gmail dot com!

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This week, the ladies keep up the spooky goodness and chat about Stephen King! Rhea and Destiny also discuss the steamier side of caramel apples, the steamier side of dinosaurs, and the not-so-steamy appeal of Jean Rollin movies. Rhea finally wrote a theme for Comic Book Corner! Destiny can't pronounce "vampirology"! RED RUM IN THE MIDWEST, YOU GUYS!

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This week, we're getting real spooky as we kick off horror month! Rhea talks robot bees, takes back last week's Terminator feelings, and discusses the fine manga of CLAMP. Destiny watches a horror film every day, questions the death of cinema, and is attacked by animals in her sleep. We also discuss pop culture-related fears from childhood, including mirrors, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, and a particular spooky vhs tape.

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This week, Rhea and Destiny welcome Becky from All Young Girls Are Machine Guns! Becky plays songs from the new album, Here's Hoping Tomorrow Never Comes, and talks to us about the things near and dear to her heart, including old Adult Swim shows, comics, and Otis Redding. Before that, we keep bringing up time travel and the fiction it inspires, including the new Rian Johnson film, Looper. Rhea gives us her final feelings on that dino-erotica novel, Destiny rambles about Fire Walk with Me, and we list the sweetest boys in the Badlands. We recorded the first part of the episode outdoors, so there are many Comedy Bang Bang-influenced "car breaks."

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This week, the Badland Girls keep things short, as they are prepping for a live show that, by the time you are reading this, has already happened! Rhea talks rare blood, Destiny brings some country sass, and both ladies learn the truth about dinosaurs.

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This week, we conclude the Ultimate Parker Project with Crank 2! Rhea talks comics, Destiny responds to an old AV Club article, and we have a lot of feelings about that Scarlett Johansson album full of Tom Waits covers. We also discuss the weird world of ASMR, goosebump music, and crappy media from our childhood.

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Rhea and Destiny continue the Ultimate Parker Project with the Jason Statham adrenaline-fest, Crank! Find out if Statham wins them over! There's also talk about tabletop gaming, a revisiting of some things about Invasion USA, and discuss minorities in action movies.

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This week, Rhea and Destiny kick off the Ultimate Parker Project (see episode 28) and watch the 1985 Chuck Norris explosion-fest, Invasion USA! The film tells the story of Matt Hunter, a one-man army who takes on a motley crew of Communists led by the evil Rostov after they invade our beloved Florida. The Badland ladies also read a fan email, talk about LGBTQ romance in films, plea for the retirement of a certain joke, and feel incredulous.

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This week, we Skype-it-up all the way to Georgia to speak to teacher, writer, PhD student, and transmedia editor Alexandra Kingsley! We get cerebral about fandom/fandom platforms, boy band aesthetics, and the easily-forgotten history of internet fan culture. We also break down what's wrong with dissecting One Direction fan behavior on Tumblr, freak out about mens touching one another, and convince you to play the very dangerous Badland Girls drinking game.

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This week, Rhea and Destiny speak to Lisa Fary of Pink Raygun! Wetalk about the start of Pink Raygun, make some Superman apologies (sort of), and nerd out over Bobak Ferdowsi. We also talk about Lisa's personal history with watching all things Star Trek, our childhood nerd trajectories, and we read some superhero-tastic fan mail.

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This week on the "broad-cat," the Badland Girls talk to Ultimate Parker Bowman and Jason Frisbabe Frisbie from Pool Party Radio! We have a darn skippy fun time talking about action movies, their tropes, and movies that bend the genre. There's actually a lot of confusion as to what actually constitutes an action movie, so we talk about that, too. We also read another amazing fan letter and dream up a high school TV show about the 4 of us. It's real California Gold, you guys, except only one of us is actually in California. Note: this is our first Skype interview, so beware yon glitchy Skype noise!

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This week, Rhea and Destiny meet up at Blue Line Coffee to talk to Des Moines comic Dan Umthun (and silent "corporate sponsor" Martin) about cool things going on in the Iowa comedy scene and comic books! We recorded the first part of the episode in a parking lot downtown, where we battle the vicious streets to ramble about Arrested Development's influence on current sitcoms, the beauty of breaking the fourth wall, and get a bit real.

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This week, the Badland ladies recap Omaha Comedy Week, spoil the heck out of The Dark Knight Rises, and have a brief talk about women in hip-hop. We almost have a Kreayshawn fight, and discuss the importance of DIY comedy scenes, as well as the importance of a woman-driven superhero movie.

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This week, on the eve of Omaha Comedy Week, the Badland ladies keep things brief, but go on at length about Dark Knight Rises, cool stuff on Tumblr, problematic movies from the 70's, and tell another nice Robert Downey Jr. story. Destiny gives her Sleepaway Camp feelings, Rhea doesn't want to live in the Big Bird Cage, and a Marvel VS DC fight is narrowly avoided.

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Prepping for Omaha Comedy Week has taken over, so welcome to Badland Bites No. 4! This one is in honor of one of the greatest days in the world, Friday the 13th, as well as one of the greatest trailers in the world.

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This episode is a bit shorter than usual because we're working hard on our sketch for Omaha Comedy Week. We talk about Moonrise Kingdom, Andrew Garfield's hair, weird internet games, and a couple of film projects we want to undertake! There's a fun, electric version of our theme song, and fun bracelet noises!

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This week, the Badland witches talk to Andrew McGreevy, artistic director of the PS Collective! Andrew gives us some bad movie recommendations, reveals the truth about Tommy Wiseau, and gives out some Tolkien reading tips. We also have a debate about Cabin in the Woods and talk Batman and Spider-Man movies again.

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This week, the Badland Girls occupy the living room of their dear friend Andrea to talk vampires in pop culture, young adult lit, and Kathryn Bigelow. We also discuss rape culture in comedy, problems with The Hunger Games, and why The Vampire Diaries tv show is so damn good.

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This week, we discuss falling out of love with certain movies, directors, and television shows. There's lots of talk about Tim Burton, Heroes, the Beatles, and Robert Downey, Jr. We also introduce a new segment, "Corner Me, Chris [Evans]!"

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This week, the ladies discuss foreign film! They also sing a song about Pool Party Radio, reminisce about the kung-fu movies of their past, and defend the Django Unchained trailer. Other topics of discussion include Nikkatsu Noir, French New Wave, Ingmar Bergman, and the Vengeance Trilogy.

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Badland Girls: Ep. 19: Blood-Covered Beauty

This week, the Badland Girls discuss general internet stuff, including homophobia in comic fandom, race and television, bath salts, gay ponies, and death. Destiny comes out as an Agnostic, and Rhea learns something new about Lee Terry. We also read a fan email and plug the shit out of our recent appearance on Pool Party Radio (

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This week, Rhea and Destiny speak with actress/artist/podcaster/badass Tracie Mauk about performing, comic books, Tumblr, and which summer movies we're looking forward to! There's also a little more Whedon talk, and a feminist take down of Chopping Mall!

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This week, the Badland Girls sit down with Matthew Marko of No Name Movie blog to talk about his rampant cinephilia, old cartoons, and James Bond.

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This week, the ladies talk about Joss Whedon and how much they love him. We also talk Robert Downey Jr., our issues with the Buffy and Angel comics, and answer the most important question: Who's the cutest Avenger?

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This week, we invade the home of special guest Zach Peterson (OK Party Comedy/MidBest Podcast), who joins us to talk about one of the greatest shows ever: LOST!

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Hello all, and welcome to another episode of Badland Bites, the pizza rolls sized podcast. This week, Destiny and Rhea tell you about what they've been into...THROUGH SONG.

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This week the ladies put together a list of what they consider to be the Badland Girls canon. They also learn their hanky code, give a few shout-outs, and squirm squirm squirm!

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This week, the ladies talk about scifi! They also give a shout out to their favorite Friday the 13th films, discuss the reality of girl-slackers, and give tons of kisses to Pink Raygun.

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Welcome to our second episode of Badland Bites, a pizza roll sized podcast! Join Rhea and Destiny and they have an adventure...IN SPACE!

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This week's theme: DAVID LYNCH! We also discuss weird movies in general, drag queens, and a mystery gif.

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This week, Destiny and Rhea talk revenge movies, Kids in the Hall, and Rhea interviews TV legend Stella Carter! Then Stella performs a song from her one-woman show!

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This week the Badland Girls celebrate their 10th episode by reading off some of their Top 10 lists!

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Welcome to the first episode of Badland Bites: a pizza roll sized podcast!

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This week, the Badland Girls discuss their obsessions, from doll collecting to dead celebrities of yesteryear. They also introduce Orlok, their new vampire bat!

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This week, the Badland Girls rant about race, television, and the Oscars.

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This week, the Badland Girls talk (and sing) about all things music!

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This week, the Badland Girls talk about the things that scare them, fact, fiction, and giant isopods. DON'T LISTEN TO THIS ONE ALONE.

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This week, Destiny and Rhea talk books, zines, manga and book-to-movie adaptations.

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This week, Rhea and Destiny interview an original weirdo: Kelly Dowhower! He's a musician, former performance artist, and Rhea's dad!

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This week, Destiny and Rhea talk about what influences their humor and why.  They also bring up a handful of topics that are sure to inspire nerd-rage between even the closest of friends.

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The Badland ladies survived the death curse of Friday the 13th and are back with their strong feelings about the best and worst movies they watched last year.

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Badland Girls: Episode One: Women in Danger

It's finally here!  Rhea and Destiny introduce the "conversation-cast", get all talky about John Waters, feminism, horror films, and America's favorite character actor, Bob Balaban.

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