Badland Girls

This week, the Badland Girls occupy the living room of their dear friend Andrea to talk vampires in pop culture, young adult lit, and Kathryn Bigelow. We also discuss rape culture in comedy, problems with The Hunger Games, and why The Vampire Diaries tv show is so damn good.

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This week, we discuss falling out of love with certain movies, directors, and television shows. There's lots of talk about Tim Burton, Heroes, the Beatles, and Robert Downey, Jr. We also introduce a new segment, "Corner Me, Chris [Evans]!"

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This week, the ladies discuss foreign film! They also sing a song about Pool Party Radio, reminisce about the kung-fu movies of their past, and defend the Django Unchained trailer. Other topics of discussion include Nikkatsu Noir, French New Wave, Ingmar Bergman, and the Vengeance Trilogy.

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Badland Girls: Ep. 19: Blood-Covered Beauty

This week, the Badland Girls discuss general internet stuff, including homophobia in comic fandom, race and television, bath salts, gay ponies, and death. Destiny comes out as an Agnostic, and Rhea learns something new about Lee Terry. We also read a fan email and plug the shit out of our recent appearance on Pool Party Radio (

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