Badland Girls

This week, Rhea and Destiny explore sadness including the saddest movies, the saddest songs, the saddest games, and the saddest fictional character deaths.  We also talk about V/H/S, rap music, and Chris Evans (again)!

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This week, Rhea and Destiny give you the Valerie Solanas-tinged, rambly basics, as this is another regulars episode! We discuss the surprising appeal of Vin Diesel, give out suggestions on what to do with your Junk Food Dinner t-shirt, and read some comments from friend of the show, Tracie Mauk!

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Hello everyone, and welcome to another episode of Badland Bites! This week, Rhea and Destiny take along their little recorder to the wonderful Studio Gallery and record one of their live shows!

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This week, Destiny and Rhea say goodbye to 2012 by going over lists of awesome things that happened to them! They also count down their favorite movies and jams of 2012, and gush about the cool people they met through doing the show. We also read an email from Jason "Frisbabe" Frisbie of Pool Party Radio!

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This week, Rhea and Destiny talk about the films of Quentin Tarantino, including the amazing DJANGO UNCHAINED! They rank their favorites, discuss how his work touches them on a personal level, and how overall, he's a righteous dude. We also discuss webcomics, Class of 1984, and Rhea brings back Comic Book Corner! WARNING: There are all sorts of spoilers for Django and Tarantino's other work, so LISTEN AT YOUR OWN RISK, HOMIE.

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