Badland Girls

This week, Rhea and Destiny interview Celeste Pille about her art! The three of us also discuss weird fanfic pairings, Star Trek, and having "difficult" surnames. There's also fan mail, feelings about The Conjuring, and video game nostalgia.

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This week, Rhea and Destiny answer some fan mail, talk about Pacific Rim, occult movies, and Pokemon.

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Palsy-gate has come to an end, and we have songs in our hearts. This week, there is lots of music, and also talk of video games, video game movie adaptations, and great video game-related things on the internet. Featuring music from Becki Lowry of All Young Girls are Machine Guns, and fan of the show, @TC_Hillbop.

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This week, Alex and Josh of The Film League tell you about Rhea's sticker collection. They also talk to some very special guests, and Destiny does some regulars.

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Hello everyone and welcome to a BONUS ROUND episode of Badland Girls! Rhea cut this out of the Parker B and Frisbaby episode because she didn't want to take away from their glory, but she decided to post it today so that you can get a double dose of BLG! DOUBLE DRAGON! That's--that's how that game worked, right?
Anyway, Destiny and Rhea share their feels about the Saw films and torture porn, friend of the show Kyle shares his views on Henry Cavill, and Rhea manages to worship to the altar of Chris Evans. Again. Flufflo is also worshiped. We need shrines of these people.

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This week, get a double dose of Rhea, as she not only breaks her silence, but has our podcat bros Parker and Jason from Party Radio read her Captain America-tastic diary! Plus, there's talk of garage rock, torture porn, and Destiny finds herself wanting to tickle some dads.

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