Badland Girls

This week, Rhea and Destiny speak with actress/artist/podcaster/badass Tracie Mauk about performing, comic books, Tumblr, and which summer movies we're looking forward to! There's also a little more Whedon talk, and a feminist take down of Chopping Mall!

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This week, the Badland Girls sit down with Matthew Marko of No Name Movie blog to talk about his rampant cinephilia, old cartoons, and James Bond.

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This week, the ladies talk about Joss Whedon and how much they love him. We also talk Robert Downey Jr., our issues with the Buffy and Angel comics, and answer the most important question: Who's the cutest Avenger?

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This week, we invade the home of special guest Zach Peterson (OK Party Comedy/MidBest Podcast), who joins us to talk about one of the greatest shows ever: LOST!

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Hello all, and welcome to another episode of Badland Bites, the pizza rolls sized podcast. This week, Destiny and Rhea tell you about what they've been into...THROUGH SONG.

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